Affiliate Elite a secret sales increasing weapon which is a marketing hit nowadays. Everyone speaks about affiliate elite but who knows the drawbacks behind the software. All seem blinded by its advantages and never try to think about its cons. The first major drawback of this software is its price. Priced at $150 per purchase, a newbie finds it hard to trust this application. Moreover, they simply can’t afford this product. Currently this application is limited to work for Citibank and paydotcom products. There are other popular affiliate networks like Linkshare and Commission Junction etc, but they are accessible through Affiliate Elite. This is a major drawback as other networks have huge opportunities for earning and more than half of the income of affiliates comes from these networks. Earning opportunities are decreased to some extent for experienced marketers. But for a newbie Citibank products are a great place to start business as they are much simpler and reliable. This software has an ample number of features and when you get your hands on the program, I guarantee you won’t get disappointed. It consists of a vast ocean of information to make money online that you never get bored and will get enough confidence to earn money.